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5 Ways to Make Your Travel Blog Stand Out!

by Youliana Veltcheva
January 23, 2020

Travel blog & stand out

I’ll be honest with you. It is a difficult task to make an outstanding article. You could write and write all kinds of ideas and have great suggestions, but so are hundreds of thousands of people out there on the net, who are constantly posting new content. There is a whooping 600,000 blogs on the Internet and that number is increasing. So, you need to make a bold statement to stand out!

How do we put ourselves ahead of the game? The success of your blog to stand out, boils down to these five very important steps:

1. Come up with a catchy headline!

It is no brainer that carefully selecting your headline is the key to getting a click. But oftentimes headlines are not thoroughly thought out. Yet, it is the first thing that a reader can sea and in a split second decide to click or not. Users will click only if their curiosity is evoked and they are drawn to the message you are sending through your headline. To persuade people to click, your headline needs to answer the reader's question: What’s in it for me?

Are you triggering a reader’s curiosity or emotions?

Travel blog & stand out
To be successful, a headline needs to be very specific to add credibility to the post. Also, you have to provide a benefit to make it worth it to spend time and read your content. You have to make a specific promise! Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and understand their perspective.

Incorporate numbers for lists posts or statistics info and use the following 3-word phrases: “X reasons why...”, “X things you...” “This is what...”, “This is how…”, “X of the...”, “X ways to...”,”This is why….”,”The X best…”, “How to make...”, “These are the..”, “How to get…”, “X things that...”, “You can now...”, “The X most…”, “X things only...”, “Why you should...” . A great headline could also be a question to provoke the reader’s imagination!

Don’t make headlines too short! They have to be descriptive enough to add more clarity and credibility to what benefits you're are offering the reader.

Lastly, incorporate keywords and use strong verbs in a captive manner. A well crafted headline will feature a combination of keywords, strong verbs, numbers or questions and a valuable, narrowly specified topic. Do not pick the first headline that pops up in your head. Write many headlines before choosing the one that works the best!

2. Add an interactive map!

Readers nowadays are looking for visual tools. But this time I am not talking about images only. While it is pretty common that blogs and articles nowadays use pictures, we rarely see someone using maps. A map with one or more destinations, featured in a fun, colorful, interactive way will catch the attention of the reader and provide an incredible value. Your rich multimedia content could be included in the map with customizations to match your preferred look and feel.

Add an interactive map that tells a story in order to stand out.

Travel blog & stand out

What locations or attractions is your article referring to?

What was great about it?

What are the distances between these locations?

Add short and sweet descriptions on the map! Place little clickable images that can display more information. It is yet another different feature/add-on to incorporate in your content. Travel and map go hand in hand and it is just a natural way to enrich the user experience by adding it to your content. Connect the dots to tell your complete story and give this extra nice feature a try. You can find very inexpensive and great interactive maps at developbg that will help your blog stand out. The maps are shareable on social media and give you a great way to repurpose your content later on. Also they can be easily embedded on your website, blog or email.

Travel blog & stand out

3. Use stand-out infographics and images!

Whether it is short infographics to summarize your main points or a more in-depth piece, you can start using them to feature a certain idea or message. Graphics and images are way more powerful than words. With 65% of people being visual learners, an image or a visual is way more likely to provoke interest than mere text. Also people remember up to 80% of what they see visually and only about 20% of what they read. Everyone uses images, but infographics are starting to gain popularity, as over 70% of marketers use them. So, you can put yourself ahead of the game if you start actively taking advantage of these powerful tools.
Travel blog & stand out

You can start with a tool like Canva or piktochart, which are both very easy to use. You simply select a template that is appropriate for your content and get you main points out there.

As far as using images, it is best that you use your unique pictures to break up the paragraphs of text. If you don’t have any images of your own, simply go to Google’s creative commons images and select from the menu: Tools and then Usage Rights: "Labeled for reuse with modification" and you are good to go.

4. Make it useful and educational!

Content is the king! Provide expert advice and examples and external or internal links, allowing users to drill down to get more details. Pay attention to what readers are looking for in searches that has to do with your area of expertise. But offer something that is not yet covered by any searchable topic, something fresh and unique. An educational and informative article adds a lot more value than a simple “My daily experience” blog.
Travel blog & stand out

Watch out for an area, that is over-saturated or over-presented. If there’s a ton of information on the subject, you are less likely to be able to provide value. But if your content is unique, practical and useful, there is a very high chance for users to find it valuable.

On a last note, any humorous or personable style of writing is likely to add a lot more to the user experience. Make it funny and unconventional! You also need to read a whole bunch of content from the top travel bloggers and influencers and learn from them! But find your own unique style that sets you apart. You will fine-tune your writing style as you write more and more. Don’t forget to promote you content, once you’ve published it.

5. Add a commentary section and buttons for social sharing!

You need to make it easy for users to share your great content. Most platforms provide plugins for sharing on social platforms. It is an extra step that will pay off in the end.
Travel blog & stand out
If you use WordPress, you can use addthis. There is a multitude of plugins and you should place the buttons in the body of the infographics to make it shareable as well. The comment section is a key way to interact with your audience and get engaged with them. As you are involved with your audience, you get more credibility and it is more likely people will go back and read you newly posted content.

In conclusion, there are many ways to make things creative and fun for readers. Make it your goal to continuously improve and provide exceptional content! Try to change your writing style and experiment with your design, illustrations, headline and ideas. There are many tools to choose from. Use them! To stand out, you need to employ originality and put the very best effort to have a catchy headline, a unique, useful, high-quality content, a variety of visual tools and interactive links and buttons for social media sharing. Even if things don’t always work out and you stumble upon roadblocks, don’t limit yourself with negative thoughts that you lack the skills or cannot do it. Instead, simply give it a try, be persistent and learn as you go!

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