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Bryant Ingram - Programmer

Bryant Ingram - Programmer
I am a full stack developer, primarily using Microsoft technologies.

I am a professional developer with many years of experience. I have developed server-side processes, desktop applications, websites, and webservices. I am an expert database administrator with considerable experience using Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. I have worked on projects alone and in teams, using Agile based management tools in both cases. I like figuring things out, especially new technologies, and then incorporating it into my software. My work is always thoughtful and organized, and the quality of the final product will reflect this.

I have been using C# and the .NET framework since its release in the year 2002. I am familiar with multi-threading, LINQ, Dependency Injection, Entity Framework, MVC (with .NET Core), Razor, HTML5, CSS/Bootstrap, JavaScript, and JQuery.

I've been using Microsoft SQL Server since the year 2000. I am comfortable with installation, maintenance, and tuning; report writing with SSRS; import/export with SSIS; replication; and programming with Transact-SQL.

I currently use Visual Studio 2019, C#, and .NET Core.

I am an SEO expert, with specialty in making searchable and shareable content.

I've been creating websites and web content for a long time. Lots of things have changed over the years, mostly related to online marketing. Nowadays, there are four things I primarily focus on: (1) functionality or its ability to serve the intended purpose, (2) aesthetics or the visual appeal of the content and how it responds to different size clients, (3) shareability or how social media friendly it is, and (4) searchability or how well it can be found organically by employing SEO best practices. The second two, shareability and searchability, have become increasingly more important for businesses who want to be competitive or even relevant.

I developed a platform that allows me to create and host web content without worrying too much about shareability and searchability. These things are built in automatically. I just focus on the content. Incidentally, this slide you are viewing is an example of a page that is hosted on my platform. Visit for more information about my hosting platform.

I also setup, manage, and host Wordpress websites. For those of you with no website, Wordpress is a great platform to start with and it already addresses the four things I listed above.

Social Media
I am a map maker, experienced with Google Maps and making custom applications with it.

I really enjoy making maps. I have developed my own platform for creating and hosting custom maps that anyone can use for sharing to social media or embedding on your own website. This is perfect for showing off race routes, event locations, travel/tour packages, nature trails, and probably a lot of other stuff I have never thought of. With my platform, I can markup everything on the map with HTML and JavaScript. They can get really complex! I constantly add new features to the platform as I think of creative ways to display data or to solve certain customer requests. Check out to see an example of how my maps can be embedded within your own website.

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